5th ICT Day


As a top annual event for North Rhine-Westphalia’s ICT industry, ICT Day attracts great interest from representatives of the economy, the universities and politics. It is especially directed at business and political strategists, innovation and network managers, and entrepreneurs concerned with and/or working for the future of ICT.

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Venue: RuhrCongress Bochum

North Rhine-Westphalia’s 5th ICT Day is hosted this year by Bochum’s RuhrCongress, in the middle of the Ruhr Industrial Area. Opened in 2003, the Congress & Events Center provides up to 7500 sq m of clearly structured exhibition and conference space, backed by state-of-the-art technical equipment and excellent services. An attractive setting for NRW’s 5th ICT DAY.

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ICT.NRW is the central digital platform of North Rhine-Westphalia’s ICT scene and serves as the communications hub for NRW’s ICT players. It is both a forum for the initiatives that will shape the digital future of the state, and a nascent competence center for ICT ‘Made in NRW’. At the heart of our concerns are the major innovations – for example in cyber physical systems for industry, in medical-technical networking, in smart grids, self-controlled logistic processes, and safe and efficient traffic control systems – that will impact many aspects of work and life in Industry 4.0. ICT.NRW is a forum of dialogue among industry, research and politics; it creates open spaces for cross-disciplinary innovation, promotes pioneering start-ups, fosters awareness of the social aspects of the digital revolution, and supports the internationalization of NRW’s enterprises.

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